Plantation shutters are a stunning but versatile way to dress your windows. Unlike curtains or blinds, they can control light, ventilation and privacy.

Our interior shutters with adjustable louvers can be designed in many different styles and come in a range of sizes, colours and materials.

Choose From MDF, wood or even from our waterproof range for the bathroom.

We offer three shutter collections, ranging in cost to suit your budget and our expert team will guide you through the process every step of the way.

The quality of our lowest price shutter, Seattle, is actually as good as the premium Boston range, it simply uses a composite material that requires less finishing.


The Collection: Seattle

Our Seattle MDF shutters are made from engineered timber with a choice of nine extremely durable tones ranging from Pure White to Grey Mist.

MDF is a very popular choice, delivering premium style for a very budget friendly price. It’s also maintenance free and very strong; with a wipe clean surface, making it completely resistant to children with crayons. It’s also the interior designers' contemporary choice.


Very durable
Very low cost
Hard to distinguish from hardwood plantation shutters which are more costly
Never needs repainting

The Collection: Boston

Our Boston shutter range is crafted from high quality, solid basswood.

Basswood is a very competitively priced and popular hard wood. All shutter styles have mortise and tenon joints to prevent warping and ensure prolonged quality and durability.


High quality
Suitable for larger windows than other ranges
Tough but smooth opening and closing mechanism
Can be shaped for Apex or Circular windows


The Collection: Hollywood

Our Hollywood bathroom shutter range is constructed of ABS, with a matte finish and reinforced style.

Tough but elegant, this shutter range will look at home anywhere, but it’s ideal for harsh environments, making it perfect for bathrooms and wet or damp areas.


100% Waterproof
Hard wearing and robust
Colour range of 24 tones